Artist. Activist. Scholar. Birder.

Author of Becoming a Man.

Senior Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, Emerson College.

P. Carl


                         has come from indulging my curiosity, privileging my imagination and believing in the power of collaboration. I write. I teach. I bird. I love. 

My Art




Becoming a Man is the striking memoir of
P. Carl’s journey to become the man he always knew himself to be. Carl’s quest to become himself and to reckon with his masculinity mirrors, in many ways, the challenge before the country as a whole, to imagine a society where every member can have a vibrant, livable life. 

"Trans writers helped him understand his feelings; Page saw himself reflected in
P. Carl’s memoir
Becoming a Man
. Eventually 'shame and discomfort' gave way to revelation."


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'What Fathers Leave Behind—Or Don't'

Becoming A Man

World-Premiere Play at A.R.T. – OPENS FEB 16, 2024

Directed by Diane Paulus & P. Carl

Adapted by P. Carl from his acclaimed Memoir

OPENS FEB 16, 2024

World-Premiere Play at A.R.T.


Carl, the

Migrations, an overused metaphor unless you’re a bird. We migrate, sometimes together, sometimes apart, landing simultaneously. When I finally noticed the birds in my backyard and began to see them as part of a shared ecosystem, I began to observe the differences among the commonalities. 

OSPREY. The Osprey is known for its reversible outer toe allowing it to grab food (often fish) with two toes in front and two behind. 

GLAUCOUS GULL. A large gull with translucent white wing tips. This is a "second winter" Glaucous because of its completely white plumage.